Semi-finished Engineering Plastics - Plates, bars, tubes

We provide semi-finished materials made from engineering plastics (PA/POM/PET/PEI/PEEK), which make the following process more convenient by their high quality and wide specificaiton range.

No matter in food and pharmaceutical, medical devices, electronic semiconductors, aerospace, national defense and military industry, or in mechanical heavy industry, chemical machinery, energy and other fields, we can always provide you more efficient and reliable semi-finished engineering plastic solutions.


Our supplier, Zell-Metall, located in one of the most beautiful regions of the Austrian Alps in the centre of Europe, with a history dating back as far as 1949, is currently operating in the core business of semi-finished products made of engineering plastics and has established subsidiaries in other countries and regions.

While working in such a beautiful environment, workers can enjoy the production process. They can meditate on the products as they strive to produce excellent quality semi-finished engineering plastics that match their surroundings.


The semi-finished engineering plastics from Zell-Metall cover from general plastics (PA, POM, PET), to special performance plastics, then to high performance materials (PEI, PEEK), in the forms of plates, bars and tubes, which can be applied in various industries.

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Now we stock different size of bars, plates and tubes of ZELLAMID®, including PA, POM, PET, PEEK and PEI.


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