The Industry 4.0 initiative, one of ten forward-looking projects put forward in the High-tech Strategy 2020 for Germany, aims to enhance intelligent manufacturing,  integrate customers and business partners in corporate  and value processes. It is based on cyber-physical systems and the Internet of Things (IoT). Germany's Industry 4.0 initiative includes building a smart database of information concerning supply, manufacturing  and sales throughout the product life based on the  Cyber-Physical System (CPS), to  realize rapid, efficient and customized product supply.

Business Model of K.D. Feddersen  in the Era of Industry 4.0

Delivering a Flexible Customized Solution is Our Top Priority

The manufacturers of  the future will not only deal in hardware sales  but offer after-sales and follow-up  services to realize additional value. This is flexible manufacturing. At the heart of hardware products is a system of information, meaning that individual needs and customized manufacturing will come into trend.

The sales professionals from K.D. Feddersen, based on the needs of customers, will customize a specific material solution for them, and provide timely technical guidance and support during their use of their  products. Each customer will receive comprehensive after-sale services. Thanks to the technical strength of polymer talents and excellent corporate governance, while delivering customized solutions, K.D. Feddersen  can bring added value for products, keeps  product cost  within a reasonable range, and follow  delivery schedules closely . Committed to solving customer problems above all else, K.D. Feddersen seeks to offer richer services and better solutions. It works to follow a path of flexible manufacturing that can satisfy individual needs.

Intelligent Logistics

Logistics resources are integrated, through the Internet, the IoT, and logistics network, to bring the efficiency of existing suppliers into full play. At the same time, receivers will soon enjoy services and logistics support.To facilitate supply of goods, K.D. Feddersen  has maintained a safety stock for common goods and established bonded or non-bonded warehouses in 14 cities including Dalian, Shenzhen, and Tianjin based on the location of regional automotive plants.  By saving  transportation time and cost, K.D. Feddersen  ensures efficient and  quality logistic  services for our  customers.


Information Integration

The integration and sharing of intelligent network systems will result in deep integration in different industries. As intelligent network systems improve, enterprises will start horizontal integration and end-to-end integration. At this stage, information resources will be highly integrated.

By understanding customer needs, integrating necessary resources, and realizing intensive management of product data, we have developed the "Internet of Things", the network that connects things . This is what K.D. Feddersen  works at in the era of Industry 4.0. Backed by a mobile platform and our own strength, we seek to break away from existing sales and service models  and become a big data warehouse in the distribution of engineering plastics. A highly intelligent information base allows customers to locate raw material solutions  suited to their products in an easy, quick manner. A more comprehensive mobile service experience makes the transaction more efficient.
As a trader, we want to serve as an irreplaceable bridge between customers and manufacturers in this industrial revolution to realize resources sharing. With our support, manufacturers can get "connected" to devices of their customers to share resources and increase efficiency.


Just like three industrial revolutions in history, the new industrial revolution represents both opportunities and challenges. As Industry 4.0 arrives , K.D. Feddersen  will get actively ready for competitive challenges and grow into an icon in the new era.

In the environment of diversified intelligent products, we are poised to assist our suppliers in development, manufacturing and provide  smart services for our customers. Therefore,  please expect our transformation.

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