New Corporate Design


The companies of the Feddersen Group are introducing a new, modernized corporate design on October 1 of this year. 



In addition, the group official website has also been completely upgrated.

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“We are well prepared for the change and want to move forward together with you on a future-oriented, digital path.“

Sandra Dierks

Head of Communication at K.D. Feddersen Holding GmbH



Already in the first logo of K.D. Feddersen you can find the rhombus, which has been used again and again in different representations in the decades since the foundation of the company. Now these elements can be found again in dynamic form in the new logo. Thus, a part of this symbol, which has now accompanied our group of companies for decades, is placed in front of the respective company name. 



Accuracy, professionalism, innovation, efficiency and responsibilty.

In the time of challenges and opportunities, we will coorperate with internal and external partners and get sustainable success.