Added value for more customer success

The motto “Think Value” already shows that plastics distributor K.D. Feddersen seeks to offer its customers “added value” above all. The company highlights this pledge with its range of engineering polymers and high-performance plastics from leading manufacturers and the on-site application engineering consulting service that it offers its customers.

The Hamburg-based company is internationally active. With locations and agencies in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Scandinavia, the Baltics, UK, Turkey and Central and Eastern Europe, a raft of major European markets can be supplied.

The Feddersen Group has been represented in China since 1998. With as just as wide a product range, K.D.F. Distribution (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. sells engineering plastics in all the country’s major automobile and industrial centres.

In the Nordic and Baltic states, K.D. Feddersen is not just a specialist in engineering plastics, it is also a supplier of machines for plastics processing. The acquisition in April 2016 of Forvema AB, which is based in Kinna in the province of Västra Götalands, has enabled the distributor to strengthen its market position in the region as a vendor of Sumitomo Demag injection moulding machines.

Representatives from all locations will be at the K-2016 to answer any questions from customers or any other interested parties, and to give information about product highlights.

In recent years, new fields of applications have continually opened up, with new, broader requirements for engineering plastics. New and innovative materials reduce costs and give developers a clear added value.

Fortron® Flex PPS from Celanese

Offers a unique combination of high flexibility, high continuous service temperature and excellent chemical resistance. 5 newly developed types are available now (3 x extrusion, 2 x injection moulding)

Potential uses:

  • Cable ties and cable coatings for extreme conditions
  • Pipes and liners for the oil and gas industry
  • Automobile engines (e.g. turbocharger air ducts)

Hostaform® XGC (POM-GF) from Celanese

The new glass fibre matrix adhesion represents a significant improvement in mechanical properties compared to standard, glass fibre reinforced types. In the temperature range of -40°C to +90°C, the product boasts an exceptionally low creep tendency. Despite glass fibre reinforcement, the product still shows extremely low warpage (low anisotropy). Special tribologically modified types with low wear rates are also available. Hostaform® XGC meets VDA 275 requirements for vehicle interiors with respect to formaldehyde emissions <10 ppm and is particularly well suited for use in components subjected to high loads, such as drives, cogwheels or gearbox housings.

Hostaform® SlideX POM from Celanese

The POM all-rounder with increased durability and lifespan for heavy-duty slide/friction applications. Distinctive features of this material include the exceptionally low friction coefficient and low wear rates when paired with a range of different plastics. Extensive tests showed no noise under load. Unlike with popular slide/friction formulations, practically no mechanical losses are expected due to the special tribology modification. The material is FDA-compliant; XAP 2 types in low-emission settings (formaldehyde emissions <5 ppm) are available.

Hostaform® MetalX POM from Celanese

Offers realistic metal look and saves process costs, since no painting or other cost-intensive production work is necessary. Eliminating paints also helps to protect the environment.

Hostacom® advanced Copo, PP glass fibre compounds with low creep from LyondellBasell

This new creation, which is based on Catalloy-Copolymer technology, offers outstanding creep resistance up to 120°C, previously unattained with PP, and thus sets new standards. This product therefore offers great potential for structural components subjected to continuous loading and replaces previously used engineering polymers.

Hostacom® ERG 393F (PP-GF) from LyondellBasell with special surface appearance for visible components, compact or foamed

The optimised formulation with excellent flowability permits very good surface quality despite glass fibre reinforcement, uniform cell structure, and no delamination in physical or chemical foams. This type is low-emission and thus excellent for use in vehicle interiors.

 Special reduced-density Hostacom® and Hifax® PP compounds from LyondellBasell

A reduction in the filler content has lowered density by approx. 8 % without causing any significant mechanical losses. Unchanged shrinkage, improved scratch resistance and lower emissions, coupled with an outstanding surface, easy processability and excellent paintwork round out the profile of this material.

Types in various formulations are available for both the vehicle interior (Hostacom®) and exterior (Hifax®)

In combination with special processing methods such as water- or gas-injection technology and physical (e.g. Mucell) or chemical foams, further significant reductions in density can be achieved in many of these materials. Depending on the material and method, weight reductions of 10 % are possible in typical cases, and even up to 30 % and more in extreme cases.

Softell® (Soft Touch PP compound) from LyondellBasell

With its unique “soft touch” feel, which is evident without additional paintwork, leather-grain effects, including seam, can also be created with the appropriate injection mould. Softell® also boasts high noise dampening, superb colorability as well as outstanding weld-line strength and impact strength. Owing to its very good emissions figures, this product is also particularly well suited for applications in the vehicle interior and thus replaces painted components or components covered with PVC skin, allowing for reduced process costs as a result.

Complex surfaces, e.g. textile look, can be used for A/B/C pillars in the vehicle interior without needing costly 2-K or a concealing process – and will achieve realistic results.

You can find K.D. Feddersen at K-2016 together with AKRO-PLASTIC, AF-COLOR and BIO-FED at the joint stand in hall 6, stand B42.