With the in-depth understanding of the needs of relevant application customers in the Chinese market, the semi-finished products of Zell-Metall, which we have prepared for Chinese customers, arrived in the warehouse.

As a background company of the German Foundation, which started in the maritime trade, in 1911, a four-masted sailing boat named Peking carried our commodities to China.

Since then, Feddersen Group's trade with China has become more frequent, and its branch office in Shanghai, has been in existence for over 20 years.

Based on our trade experience and the purpose of serving customers, with the efforts of professional and efficient multiple sales support teams, after more than two months of preparation and more than one month of maritime trip, Zell-Metall is the first of the semi-finished products Containers are now in the warehouse in Shanghai.

Facing the severe transportation and safety challenges brought by the global epidemic, the first batch of semi-finished products in cooperation with Zell-Metall, the new supplier of the Group, arrived safely and on schedule.

With many years of experience in industry solutions and understanding of the Chinese market, we decided to first choose to sell the ZELLAMID® series.

During the coexistence of opportunities and challenges in the industry, Feddersen Group is committed to exploring more market application opportunities.

POM and PEEK as our newly developed product line, from products to sales experts, every sector has been fully prepared.

We have officially launched the sales business of semi-finished products in China on April 1, 2020.

In the future, our product line will continue to be supplemented and improved to meet the changing market needs. We welcome distributors and customers to inquire about our new semi-finished product series at any time.

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