As an emerging market in the world's spotlight, Southeast Asia is being sought after by more and more global manufacturing giants. Perceiving the global market trend, K.D.Feddersen is also turning to the warm and fertile Southeast Asia, bringing along its decades of expertise. And it has built up a distribution and support service network bit by bit over the past years.

K.D.Feddersen SEA, as a part of Feddersen Group's business, focuses on the development, distribution and retail of engineering plastics products in automobile, electronics & electrical, household appliances and other industries and markets. Our Southeast Asian business is headquartered in Singapore, with branches set up in Thailand and Malaysia, long-term partners in Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia, and warehouses in all these countries.

We work with the world-renowned suppliers of engineering plastics and, with our experienced sales force and flexible service network, provide to them customer resources as well as marketing and distribution support across the Southeast Asia. Meanwhile, we can provide adequate engineering plastics solutions to a wide range of customers with our complete product lines and quick warehousing and transportation system.

Offices and warehouses:

Our business in Southeast Asia

  • Experienced sales force who are familiar with engineering plastics products and can recommend suitable products according to the customers' needs, along with business services and consultancy;
  • Established sales network and localized operations, which can meet the customers' varying requirements for settlement currency (US dollar, euro, Singapore dollar, Malaysian Ringgit, Thai Baht, Vietnamese Dong, etc.)
  • Working closely with the group's European headquarters and Chinese branch to provide quality services to our large multinational partners and customers.


Success Story

  • A large auto fasteners supplier: We offer the same type of Nylon product and the same service level in Europe, China and Singapore to help it maintain the cost advantage and supply stability;
  • A world-renowned connectors supplier: With the surging 5G demand in China, the supplier was having difficulty in meeting its raw materials supply demand in China, and we dispatched part of our inventory products from our Malaysian company to cover its urgent need. 


Southeast Asian Team

We have a professional sales team in Southeast Asia, devoted to serving customers. As local social activities are being significantly affected by COVID-19, our Southeast Asian Team is now working from home for safety consideration and manages to ensure the normal operation of the company's business, and our warehouses are operating in compliance with local governments' regulations.


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