Stop 1: K.D. Feddersen China Celebrates its 25th Birthday

K.D. Feddersen entered the Chinese market in 1998. Today, the 25-year-old K.D. Feddersen China is in its prime time. 

At the exhibition, many visitors participated in the interaction and recorded birthday wishes for us.


Stop 2: Green Materials Contribute to Sustainability

At CHINAPLAS, we were proud to introduce our new sustainability partners - BIO-FED, WOODLY, and BIOFIBER - to advance the goal of China 3060 Initiative.

At this area, the visitors could participate in the lucky draw, and receive the popcorns, chips and sugarcane juice that we provided as well as flash drives and pens. 

The corns, potatoes, and sugarcane behind these gifts can also be used as bio-based materials for BIO-FED. The bio-based materials, with different applications in the fields of film, thermoforming, injection molding, etc., can help to find solutions for your sustainability projects.


Stop 3:  New Trends in Mobility

The revolution of mobility is closely related to environmental protection and carbon reduction policies. 

Obviously, the proportion of electric cars is rapidly increasing. How to remain invincible in the trend of new energy cars? It is another challenge for K.D. Feddersen in recent years. Welcome to the exhibition and explore together with us!


Stop 4: Diversified Development Across Industries

In addition to the automotive industry, our applications have already expanded to medical care, personal care, smart devices, etc., which will be the focus of our future efforts. 


Stop 5: Industrial Legend at the Foot of the Alps

Our engineering plastic semi-finished products come from ZELL METALL, which is located at the foot of the Alps with a history dating back to World War II.

With the product lines expanded to POM, PEEK, PA66 and PET, products of various sizes including bars, plates and pipes can be produced into engineering plastic parts through simple processing, shortening the processing time and cost.


Stop 6: Southeast Asia Business Segment

As part of the Feddersen Group, K.D., Feddersen SEA is headquartered in Singapore, and has set up subsidiaries in Thailand and Malaysia as well as long-term partners in Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia.


We will always contribute to your continued success with our professional background, rich experience, strong logistics and personalized services.