Guangzhou, China- 16–19 May 2017, K.D. Feddersen as an engineering plastic distributor of Feddersen Group, and AKRO-PLASTIC as an engineering plastics compounds manufacturer, debuted by sharing one booth in CHINAPLAS 2017 International Rubber & Plastics Exhibition. During this exhibition, numerous professional visitors stopped over before our booth, making in-depth discussions about our products with our technical professionals and sales colleagues.

Apart from the products, we showed quite a few highlights in this exhibition. 

Highlight 1: "Eye-catching" booth

This year, our booth is designed by utilizing "facet cutting" element, created from the diamond-like (rhombic) logo of Feddersen Group. The multi-angled facets imply business diversification of the group, the brilliant shape signifies "diamond-grade" quality of Feddersen products and services, and our commitment to global customers lasts as long as a diamond: relieving customers' anxieties and making customers joyful.

Highlight 2: Debut of Dow's products

Unlike the past years, 2016 witnessed official cooperation between K.D. Feddersen China and DOW, the global chemical giant, which aims at providing more diversified products and solutions for our customers by taking advantages of Dow’s technical innovation.

This exhibition is also the first occasion we showcased Dow products ——SPECFLEX™. SPECFLEX™ Polyurethane Components are used in the production of flexible and integral skin foams for use by the furniture industry, and by the transportation industry in the manufacture of steering wheels, automotive seating, headrests and dashboards. SPECFLEX™ can be produced based on different blowing technologies depending on the final application and the production specifications as well as the National and International laws and regulations. The different blowing agents used include the carbon dioxide generated by the water/isocyanate reaction, hydroflourocarbons and hydrocarbons.

Highlight 3: New business in 2017-TRANSEURASIA to set sail

TRANSEURASIA is a newly established business to distribute a range of special polymers such as biopolymers, silicone or liquid-rubber or UHMWPE, whereby the processing method is Not by injection molding. Furthermore, the portfolio includes semi finished products In film form from engineering polymers like PE or PC as well as films that have a bio-based content and/or have bio-degradable properties.

Application showed this time is about Covestro PC film materials.

Highlight 4: Abundant and diversified product chain

As one of your one-stop solution experts, we collaborate with renowned chemical companies worldwide, and we showed a large number of materials and applications in this exhibition, including the following innovative products that is promoted preferentially this year:

Softell® (Soft Touch PP compound) from LyondellBasell

With its unique “soft touch” feel, which is evident without additional paintwork, leather-grain effects, including seam, can also be created with the appropriate injection mould. Softell® also boasts high noise dampening, superb colorability as well as outstanding weld-line strength and impact strength. Owing to its very good emissions figures, this product is also particularly well suited for applications in the vehicle interior and thus replaces painted components or components covered with PVC skin, allowing for reduced process costs as a result.

Complex surfaces, e.g. textile look, can be used for A/B/C pillars in the vehicle interior without needing costly 2-K or a concealing process – and will achieve realistic results.

Hostaform® MetalX POM from Celanese

Metallic components are gaining popularity. Offers realistic metal look and saves process costs, since no painting or other cost-intensive production work is necessary. Eliminating paints also helps to protect the environment.With its MetaLXTM moulded-in color compounds, Celanese provides the basis for MIC applications in the car interior and in household appliances. For use in the exterior area – specifically for bumpers, spoilers and radiator grilles.

Highlight 5: Debut of prize-winning products from AKRO-PLASTIC, the plastic compounds expert

Lightweight design is of significant importance to the development of AKRO-PLASTIC compound products, thus, AKRO-PLASTIC showcased a lot of lightweight design solutions. What debuted in this exhibition also includes the product that was just voted as the Most Popular Lightweight Innovation Technology for Automobiles by Automobile & Parts Magazine via WeChat.

Called “ICF”, our new carbon fibre reinforced type series based on PA6, PA 6.6, PK, PPA and partially aromatic CoPA (AKROLOY® PA) combines high strength with lower density at an attractive price. The compounds are finished with a carbon fibre content of 10 % to 40 %. Beyond that, the product also includes outstanding properties as good tribological properties (low-wear), good electrical conductivity, good thermal conductivity, excellent stiffness and flexural stiffness, good flexural stress, etc.

ICF range of products have been applied in automotive chassis, interior trims and exterior trims, engine peripherals and a number of functional structural members.

Highlight 6: AKRO getting involved in R&D of new PST technology for plastic–metal adhesion

To achieve plastic–metal adhesion with ultrahigh bonding strength during injection molding, AKRO-PLASTIC collaborated successfully with Plasmatreat GmbH to develop a new systematic solution, PST (Plasma-SealTight®), in the last two years. As one of our partners, the plastic particle manufacturer AKRO-PLASTIC has specially developed a compound for this plasma technology so that its chemical composition matches directly the plasma bonding promotion layer.

By now, development of this new technology has advanced into a stage of assembly-based project development jointly participated by plastic parts makers in electronics, automotive and other sector segments.

We are always working hard, just to offer you better experience

To meet demands of customers in different regions and increasingly rising business volume, K.D. Feddersen started distribution service in Southeast Asia in 2016, radiating from Singapore to neighboring Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. Furthermore, the would-be third production line in Suzhou Facility in this June may aid AKRO-PLASTIC in achieving a production capacity of 15,000 ton/year in China region, which will better satisfy customers’ demands in aspects ranging from grade, price, lead time to special material development.

Development of K.D. Feddersen in Asia Pacific region over last two years is not only an embodiment of our enhanced comprehensive competence but also a commitment of us to meeting more personalized customer requirements constantly.